Quick and Easy Porridge


Quick & Easy Porridge

Can’t decide between oats or eggs for breakfast? Let’s face it, that’s just too much choice for 7am. With this little trick, you can have the best of both worlds, and a nice balance of macronutrients. I love porridge, and regardless of whether the season is hot or cold, it makes a fantastic breakfast. If you prepare it correctly – which doesn’t take much time or effort – and start with the right basic ingredients, it is a nutritious and delicious choice.

So why are oats so great? Not only are they affordable and easy to keep on hand, but porridge is so quick and simple to make. Oats are a great source of complex carbohydrates, the type that are digested slowly, keeping you full for longer and preventing sudden spikes in blood sugar. Plus they get a little more fibre into your diet, which may not sound that trendy, but fibre has an important role in keeping us healthy and can help you maintain a healthy weight, feel satisfied and full, and keep your blood sugar levels under control which avoids energy crashes and mood swings.

I’m not overly keen on the term ‘superfood’, but if you asked me for a couple of foods that would make my ‘superfood’ list, I would without a doubt include rolled oats and eggs. Always choose good quality eggs (free-range isn’t enough, look for those approved by the RSPCA, and preferably organic), and stock up on rolled oats not instant. The addition of the egg adds a source of good quality fat and protein to the porridge, keeping you fuller and more satiated for longer.

Qucik & Easy Porridge
1/3 cup rolled oats
1 egg
1 cup water (or 1/2 water + 1/2 milk* if you prefer)
Pinch of cinnamon

*A note if choosing soy milk – look for one that is non-GMO, made from whole soy beans (not isolate), is organic, Australian made and calcium fortified. I tend to buy this one.

1. In a saucepan (off the heat), add oats, water/milk and egg.
2. Whisk until well combined.
3. Bring to the boil, then reduce and simmer until oats are cooked. Don’t forget to stir regularly to avoid sticking!

To Serve
This is a bare basic porridge recipe, so it definitely needs some delicious toppings for flavour and goodness. A few of my favourites:

* Smoosh 1/2 medium banana with a fork, then stir into porridge a minute or two before removal from the heat. Finish with a handful of blueberries on top.

* Drizzle with tahini and maple syrup.

* Sprinkle with cinnamon, a little brown sugar and some toasted nuts.

* Top with a teaspoon of nut butter and some stewed fruit that is in season.


*  To increase the protein content, serve with some good quality Greek yoghurt and some nuts and seeds, and/or make with milk rather than water.

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